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 Position:  JINRUN -> Children ->  -> LCD screen display, temperature control equipment foshan
      2020-9-30  Wednesday
Address:zhongshan china
No. :S60123
Name:LCD screen display, temperature control equipment foshan
Introduction :Apply to thermostat, control panel, small home appliance
Price: $4

Zhongshan jingrun electronics co。, LTD。, located in zhongshan city, guangdong, the hometown of sun yat-sen。 Head office is located in jiangsu huaian, jiangsu kam embellish photoelectric co。, LTD。, integrating r&d, manufacturing and selling LCD screen, LCD liquid crystal display module and other optoelectronic devices as one of professional manufacturers, products are widely used in various types of medical equipment, instrumentation, communications, fitness equipment, consumer electronics and other fields。 Sales throughout the pearl river delta economic developed cities, exported to the Middle East, Europe, America, southeast Asia and other regions, convenience of modern life for human being with a variety of display solutions。 Company pursues a "people-oriented, pay attention to science and technology" principle, attract a batch of excellent talent of industry, cultivate a group of management, technical backbone, the introduction of advanced production equipment, mature technology, reliable product quality, according to customer requirements, design improvements quickly。 The company adopts humanized management incentive mechanism, attaches great importance to the product of the practical and innovative, pay attention to the social responsibility of green, energy saving, environmental protection, realize the harmonious development of the individual, enterprise, society。 The company passed the iso9001:2000 quality management system of SGS corporation。 In the green environment, the company has a strict procedure to select the supplier, all the materials meet the requirements of ROHS and REACH。 At the same time, we will send the products to SGS to ensure that the products meet the environmental requirements。 We are committed to the idea of quality and low price and first-class service, and we will work hand in hand with our new and old customers and partners。


博发彩票APP下载Temperature control device display, foshan LCD screen: http://www。cs-yuhui。com


Product type: the STN


博发彩票APP下载Display mode: negative blue film


Driving conditions: 1/4 d 1/3b 5。0 V


博发彩票APP下载Connection mode: metal Angle connection


Thickness: 2.8 MM


Other: white and straight back light




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